All photographs on this page are available for purchase

All photographs on this page are available for purchase

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Permit on foot!

The writers of my favorite fly fishing blog recently took a trip to the Carribean to try their luck on the flats.  These guys are top notch Carp fly guys from the PA area, and I knew they would have no problem getting it done on fly down there.  Great job guys!  Check out their latest post about sticking a Permit on foot.   Pretty much the coolest thing I can think of doing with a fly rod.

High in the Low Lands

Another great fly fishing movie from the guys at World Angling!  Do yourself a favor and check this video out.  Guaranteed to make you want to get down here and fish the Glades. Make sure to check out more videos from World Angling on their site .  Cool guys doing even cooler things in this industry!

 High in the Low Lands

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Really Cool T-Shirts

A great new T-Shirt design from Michael Davis of Life On the Fly Outfitters.  Let me know if you guys want one and I can make it happen for you.  Also check out Life On the fly Outfitters if you guys have a chance.  It's a new destination fly fishing travel company with some fresh new ideas!
Any inquiries or questions about the T's can be answered by me at, or by the creator himself  Thanks guys for looking!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Step Ladder Bonefish

In Lake Tahoe, we had the opportunity to fish a great variety of different fisheries.  Inside of a three hour drive, we had a chance to fish for all kinds of Trout, Giant Delta Largemouth Bass and Stripers, Steelhead, Salmon, Carp....and the list goes on and on.  One of the most unique fisheries around was just outside of Reno,NV in the middle of the desert.  Pyramid Lake is a GIANT body of water that is fed by the famous Truckee River which flows out of Lake Tahoe.  Most of the water in this river comes from snow melt which rages off the Eastern Slope of the Sierra Nevadas in California and Nevada every Spring.  Pyramid Lake was once known for, and somewhat still is known for MONSTER Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.  The fish of Pyramid today do not quite reach historic sizes, but the average Trout caught there today is in the 20' range, with many fish caught over the 10 lb mark.  Not too shabby!  Anyways, my point to his was that Pyramid Lake fisherman have developed an abstract way of fishing this lake from shore.  I can't say for sure who was the first to do it, but, it is a common practice now to have a step ladder included in your tackle/fishing gear for the day.  Fisherman wade out to the edge of the deep drop offs at Pyrmid and set theirr ladder.  The ladder aids in casting by keeping you way above the water level, and helps improve visibility into the water.  Some of these "Ladder Fisherman" have customised fishing ladders, some of which include a stripping basket, rod holders, floatation devices in case of a dreadful ladder tip over, and even a cushioned swivel seat for long days out there.  Innovation, I would say yes!  Anyways, the point of my story is that I have taken the ladder idea into the flats down here in the Keys.  I am DEFINITELY not the first guy to use the ladder in the salt!  But, I am amazed at the comments I receive from motorists driving by me when I am on the ladder. 

Just the other day, I got out of work and wanted to do some fishing.  I stopped by one of the local roadside flats and plopped the ladder down in the water.  I have somewhat almost given up on this flat due to my lack of seeing fish there. So, I decided to give it one more shot, this time I made a plea with the fish Gods.  I told them "I am over it and needed to see some fish today, I have put my time in with no complaining and have not seen a Bonefish yet!  It is time for you to kick down some fish."  So after my plea, I started the long standing still processs waiting for some fish to cruise by the flat.  This flat is absolutely gorgeous!  It is about a half mile long, and hard bottom of most of it that makes it easy for wading.  But, like I said earlier, this flat is right off of the only road that travels from the mainland to Key West.  So, while I stand on my ladder in the middle of the Atlantic, it tends to draw some comments from people who are driving by.  And by comments I mean the yelling of all kinds of gestures as they pass by.  I have heard everything from" Lookout!  There is a Shark under your ladder!", to hysterical laughing at not understanding the unknown.  Some of these people have got the best of me and have driven me to point a certain finger at them when they pass by.  But not all of them, I do have to admit, the Shark comment got me to chuckle a bit. 

This day turned out to be different from all other days on the flat.  Yes, I did receive quite a few comments from people driving by, not out of the ordinary, but, this day I did see some fish.  A nice school of Bones rolled through the flat easily inside of casting range.  I launched a bomb out there in front of the school and hoked one up.  The fish ran like hell and peeled off quite a bit of line.  After a few minutes I was able to land the fish and safely only to release him back into his water world.  This day, I was lucky enough to hook two Bonefish on some new fly patterns I have been working on inside of of 45 minutes.  Not a bad day....too bad it was all spoiled by getting called back into work!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Steelhead Trip Opportunity

Steelhead! Join me and the Lateral Line Media crew in Washington's Olympic Peninsula chasing pure Chrome Steel in March.  The trip is going to be amazing.  Check out the Lateral Line link to see pics from last years epic trip in the blog archives.  Spots are filling up so if you are interested shoot either of us an email and lock in your spot.  Thanks for looking